$187 LAUNCH 2021 Ver OBD2 Scanner CRP129E Eng/ABS/SRS/TCM Code Reader Automotive Tools Equipment Diagnostic, Test Measurement T LAUNCH 2021 Ver OBD2 Scanner CRP129E ABS Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Reader Eng SRS Code TCM $187 LAUNCH 2021 Ver OBD2 Scanner CRP129E Eng/ABS/SRS/TCM Code Reader Automotive Tools Equipment Diagnostic, Test Measurement T LAUNCH 2021 Ver OBD2 Scanner CRP129E ABS Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Reader Eng SRS Code TCM Ver,Reader,mail.way-consultant.com,Code,Scanner,LAUNCH,Eng/ABS/SRS/TCM,CRP129E,$187,Automotive , Tools Equipment , Diagnostic, Test Measurement T,2021,OBD2,/calycozoon727704.html Ver,Reader,mail.way-consultant.com,Code,Scanner,LAUNCH,Eng/ABS/SRS/TCM,CRP129E,$187,Automotive , Tools Equipment , Diagnostic, Test Measurement T,2021,OBD2,/calycozoon727704.html

lowest price LAUNCH 2021 Ver OBD2 Scanner CRP129E ABS Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Reader Eng SRS Code TCM

LAUNCH 2021 Ver OBD2 Scanner CRP129E Eng/ABS/SRS/TCM Code Reader


LAUNCH 2021 Ver OBD2 Scanner CRP129E Eng/ABS/SRS/TCM Code Reader


From the brand

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LAUNCH helped more than 500,000 mechs and repair shops worldwide. DIY Tools: 3001,CRP123,CRP129E, 429C. Professional Tools: X431 V, PRO MINI, CRP909E,DIAGUN V.

Our story

How we got our start?
Launch Tech Co., Ltd was founded in 1992. In 2002.LAUNCH is one of the first high-tech enterprises in China who dedicated to auto diagnosis, test, maintenance and the Ramp;D and production of tire-related equipment.
What makes our product unique?
LAUNCH persists in technological innovation and independent Ramp;D.LAUNCH has developed connected-car chipset with self-owned intellectual property right, and series of connected-car smart hardware, providing remote auto diagnostic function.
Why we love what we do?
Create-Change. In conformity with the enterprise culture of Innovation, Quality, Efficiency, Profession and Competition, and the spirit of people orientation and continuous innovation, LAUNCH is striding forward along the road of high tech.

Product Description

✔️Upgraded Version of CRP123,CRP123E,VIII✔️5 Years Online service+7*24 hours support (ediagtools@ hotmail.c om)

An ideal choice for DIY auto Mechanic and repair shop: 2021 New Version LAUNCH CRP129E OBD2 Scanner

✔️LAUNCH crp129e Service for:

Technician , advacne DIY, garage, car dealer, used car dealer, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, diagnostic tech, truck man, automobile tech, home mechanic, DIY beginner, automotive student, backyard mechanic, retired mechanic, weekend DIY, individual.

What we did on LAUNCH CRP129E OBD2 Scanner to make it more perfect in 2021?

  • ✔️Android 7.0 System,5.0 inch touchscreen and 720P resolution delivers outstanding image quality, allowing you to easily analyze problems.
  • ✔️6100mAh Battery(12h Battery Life): Upgrade the battery from 4000mAh to 6100mAh,improved the battery performance to increase the battery life.
  • ✔️Global Version: NO-IP Limited Update,no worry use and update where you are.
  • ✔️Faster, Smoother and Stable: AUTO VIN amp; WI-FI free update,
  • ✔️LAUNCH CRP129E obd2 scanner fixed more bugs and Upgraded new makes up to 2020 models, works on most OBDI amp; OBDII cars such as SUV, minivan,12v light-duty truck, and hybrids, but not support the 24v heavy truck.
  • ✔️16GB Memory:Extend the memory from 8Gbs to 16Gbs.and the running memory up to 1.1Ghz, makes the scanner work more faster.
  • ✔️10 Languages supported without encountering any sort of language barrier.: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese,Chinese,Korea.
  • ✔️Online Maintenance Resources: Operating skills, DTC Help, Automotive Technology handbook, Repair Case and How-to Videos.
  • ✔️More powerful new features waiting for you to discovery...
  • ✔️Support 57 Makers and Over 100000+ Car Model up to 2020/2021.Expanded vehicle coverage can grow your customer base:


5 Most Useful Reset Functions Empower You to Root Out the Deeply Hidden Problems + OBD2 Full Functions


1.( Oil Lamp Reset ) allows you to perform reset maintenance mileage and data intervals for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil. (When maintenance light is on, indicating that the car should be maintained)

  • Compatible with:Acura(2007-2014),Audi(1994-2018),Bentley(Up to 2014),BMW(1996-2015),Borgward(Up to 2016),Bugatti(Up to 2014), Citroen(1997-2017),Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge(2007-2017),Daewoo(Up to 2011),Ferrari(Up to 2014),Fiat(Up to 2015),GM(1996-2016),Honda(2004-2014),Hyundai(2014-2015),Jaguar(2006-2017),KIA(2013-2015),Lamborghini(Up to 2014),Lancia(2001-2014),Landrover(Up to 2016),Maserati(Up to 2014),Mazda(2003-2016),Maybach(Up to 2013),Mercedes Benz(1995-2016),MINI(2000-2015),Mitsubishi(2006-2015),Opel(2002-2017),Peugeot(1997-2016),Proton(Up to 2014),Porsche(2003-2015),Renault(2003-2015),Rolls-Royce(Up to 2010),Romeo(1997-2014),SAAB(2005-2012),SEAT(1993-2016),Skoda(1996-2018),Smart(Up to 2013),Subaru(2008-2012),Suzuki(2007-2016),Vauxhall(2002-2014),Volvo(1992-2017),VW(1989-2017)

2. ( Electronic Parking Brake Reset ) reset the brake pads after replacing the brake pads.when you need? 1) After replacing the brake pads and brake pad wear sensor; 2) The brake pad indicator light is on; 3) After the brake pad sensor circuit is short-circuited and repaired; 4) After replacing the servo motor.

  • Compatible with: Acura(2007-2014),Audi(1994-2018),Bentley(up to 2014),BMW(2002-2015),Borgward(up to 2016),Bugatti(up to 2014),Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge(2014-2018), Citroen(2006-2016),Daewoo(Up to 2011),Ferrari(Up to 2014),Fiat(1999-2014),Ford(2002-2016),GM(2009-2017),Honda(2004-2014),Hyundai(2012-2015),Jaguar(2002-2014),KIA(2011-2015),Lancia(2003-2014),Landrover(2005-2016),Lexus(2007-2015), Maserati(Up to 2014),Maybach(Up to 2014),Mercedes Benz(Up to 2014),MINI(2004-2015),Opel(2012-2017),Peugeot(Up to 2012),Porsche(2009-2015),Renault(2001-2015),Rolls-Royce(Up to 2010),Romeo(2001-2014),SAAB(2010-2012),Scion(Up to 2015),SEAT(1993-2016),Skoda(1993-2018),Vauxhall(2012-2015),Volvo(2007-2017),VW(1996-2017)

3. ( Steering Angle Calibration ).It helps clear the faulty steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration.

  • Compatible with: Acura(1996-2014),Audi(1994-2018),BMW(1995-2015),Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge(2005-2018),Citroen(1999-2017),Dacia(2004-2008),Deawoo(Up to 2011),Daihatsu(2000-2010),Ferrari(Up to 2014),Fiat(1999-2014),Ford(2006-2014),GM(2007-2017),Honda(2007-2014),Hyundai(2005-2015),Infiniti(2008-2017),Jaguar(Up to 2017),KIA(2006-2015),Lancia(1999-2014),Landrover(Up to 2016),Lexus(Up to 2015),Maserati(Up to 2014),Maybach(Up to 2013),Mazda(2006-2013),Mercedes Benz(1997-2014),MINI(2000-2015),Mitsubishi(2006-2015),Nissan(2002-2018),Opel(2004-2014),Peugeot(1995-2016),Porsche(2005-2015),Renault(2002-2015),Romeo(1997-2014),Scion(2008-2015),SEAT(1993-2016),Suzuki(Up to 2016),Skoda(1993-2018),Smart(Up to 2013),Subaru(2008-2012),Toyota(2004- to 2015),Vauxhall(2004-2014),Volvo(1999-2017),VW(1997-2017)

4. ( Electronic Throttle Position Reset ) Throttle matching is to use the car decoder to initialize the car's throttle actuators, so that the learning value of the ECU returns to the initial state, so as to more accurately control and adjust the throttle (or idle speed motor) action to regulate the intake the amount."u"when you need? 1) After the electronic control unit is replaced, the relevant characteristics of the throttle operation are not stored in the electronic control unit. 2) After the electronic control unit is powered off, the memory of the electronic control unit is lost. 3) After replacing the throttle valve assembly. 4) After replacing or disassembling the intake port, the coordination of the electronic control unit and the throttle body will affect the control of the idle speed. 5) After the throttle is cleaned, although the characteristics of the idling throttle potentiometer have not changed, the intake air volume has changed under the same throttle opening, and the idling control characteristics have changed.

    "li"Compatible with: Acura(2007-2014),Audi(1994-2018),BMW(1996-2015),Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge(2005-2017),Citroen(1991-2016),Dacia(2004-2015),Daewoo(Up to 2011),Fiat(Up to 2014),Ford(1991-2016),Honda(2003-2014),Hyundai(1998-2015),Infiniti(2005-2014),Jaguar(2006-2014),KIA(1999-2015),Lancia(Up to 2014),Landrover(2002-2014),Lexus(Up to 2014),Maybach(2001-2015),Mercedes Benz(1989-2016),MINI(2000-2015),Mitsubishi(2006-2015),Nissan(1994-2015),Opel(2007-2017),Peugeot(1995-2016),Porsche(2003-2015),Renault(1985-2015),Remeo(Up to 2014),SAAB(2005-2012),SEAT(1993-2016),Skoda(1993-2018),SUZUKI(Up to 2011),Toyota(Up to 2014),Volvo(1999-2017),VW(1996-2017)

"u"5. ( Tire Pressure System Reset )When the car tire pressure failure indicator light is on,low or leaking tire pressure, replacement or installation of TPMS equipment, replacement of tires, damage to the tire pressure sensor etc., need to do TPMS reset after maintenance.

    "li"Compatible with: Acura(2007-2014),Audi(1992-2014),BMW(2003-2015),Citroen(2004-2012),Chrysler/Jeep(2006-2017),Ferrari(Up to 2014),fIAT(2003-2010),Ford(1996-2016),Suzuki(2005-2013),Opel(2010),Hyundai(2007-2015),Honda(2007-2014),Infiniti(1995-2015),GM(2013-2017),Jaguar(2004-2015),KIA(2006-2016),Lancia(2002-2014),Landrover(2006-2014),Lexus(2006-2015),Maserati(Up to 2009),Mazda(2000-2016),Mercedes Benz(1995-2014),Mitsubishi(2007-2015),MINI(2004-2015),Nissan(1995-2015),Peugeot(1995-2010),Porsche(2009-2015),Renault(2001-2015),Scion(2007-2015),Seat(2000-2014),Skoda(2006-2011),Smart(Up to 2013),Subaru(2005-2011),Toyota(2004-2015),Volvo(2008-2015),VW(1989-2014)

"u"#--EL-50448 tpms reset tool help you reprogram all tires: Tire pressure monitor sensor activation tool is simple to activate the individual TPM sensor with only one button.Works on most General Motors (Chevy / Buick / GMC / Opel /Cadillac etc.) equipped with 315 or 433 MHz (TPMS) sensor.

LAUNCH CRP129E obd2 scanner support 4 Systems Diagnosis on Your OBD1/OBD2/EOBD/JOBD Cars


Not only work on 4 systems, EPS/AC/OPDS/EVPS/SWS/ACM...(vary from the car model amp; year)

- For Engine System: Easily determine the cause of the Engine System, and turn off the warning light. Guides you to find out problems in engine, check its real-time operating status, and turn off warning light for making sure engine work properly and safely.

- For Diagnose ABS system: Read and clear DTCs data flow in the ABS system. Performs various bi-directional tests to check the operating conditions of Anti-lock Braking System, and turn off the warning light. It retrieves ABS codes to tell you where the problem is with a visual inspection of all brake components.

-For Auto transmission system(AT): LAUNCH CRP129E OBD2 Scanner Support Read and clear codes and view live data via TEXT amp; Graphs in transmission systems, keeps the transmission systems output optimally adapted to the speed and load. Retrieve the error information from Automatic Transmission (AT) which is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually .LAUNCH CRP129E OBD2 Scanner also supports store and playback dynamic data stream .helps to quick analysis and diagnosis.

-For SRS (Airbag) System: Read and clear fault code in SRS (Airbag) system and turn off warning light of airbag for making sure engine work properly and safely. This diagnostic tool allows you to read codes, clear codes, and read live data in Supplementary Restraint System (airbag) to ensure it works fine.

"u"Full OBDII Test Modes:

"u"Reading Codes: Present some diagnostic trouble codes after scanning the vehicle.

"u"Reseting Codes: Clear the fault codes after doing the repair according to the prompt of the scanner.

"u"Live Data Stream: Show the information of continuous data stream from a vehicle in live graphic (waveform) display.

"u"I/M Readiness Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing.

"u"Freeze Frame: Reads and displays live ECU/PCM data stream, plotting functions graphically and stores freeze frame data.

"u"On-Board Monitor Test: Check the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs.

"u"O2 Sensor Test: Allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test results for the most recently performed tests from the vehicle’s on-board computer. (Note:If the vehicle uses a controller area network (CAN) protocol to communicate, this function is not supported by vehicle)

"u"On-Board Monitor Test: Retrieves and displays test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems.

Read Vehicle Information:Display the information such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc.

"u"Component Test: Certain vehicle components can be actuated by commands sent from the scanner to test their operability.1.BRT, Battery Replacement

[ Diagnostic Report Generate ] You Can Share and Print Them To Your Friends Or Customers.



You can generate a 4 Basic System Diagnostic Report by ONE-CLICK. LAUNCH CRP129E obd2 scanner can [ list the car modules and mark the normal and abnormal part in different colors ].You can see the status of the car modules. There might arise certain problems which would be beyond your level of understanding while diagnosing a vehicle. LAUNCH crp129e obd2 scanner allows you to save the Inspection Report and transfer the report to the Cloud Server, or even print the data via the PC.

The reports can be [ Emailed/Print ] to the office or directly to your customer.


1. LAUNCH Creader Professional CRP129E OBD2 Scanner handset.

2. OBD2 diagnostic cable

3. DC 5V charging cable

4. User manual

5. LAUNCH Carrying bag

6. 1 set*EL-50448 TPMS activation tool(for GM sreies Vehicles)

7. "u"A superise tool (choose one of three tool from us via ediagtools@hotmai l.com )

"tbody" "th" thinkcar ts601 "th" launch crp123 obd2 scanner "th" launch crp129e obd2 scanner "th" launch crp909e "th" launch x431
obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner obd2 scanner
System Scan 3 System: Engine ABS SRS 4 Systems:Engine Transmission ABS SRS 4 Systems:Engine Transmission ABS SRS All Modules All Modules
Advanced Functions 4 5 15 30+
OBD-II Modes Compatibility 10 10 10 10 10
Screen Size 3.5'' inch 3.5'' inch 5''inch 7'' inch 8'' inch
Live Data Stream Graph/Health Report/ECU CODING Live Data Stream Graph Live Data Stream Graph Live Data Stream Graph/Health Report Live Data Stream Graph/Health Report Live Data Stream Graph/Health Report/ECU CODING
Print data/Health Report Print data Print data Print data/Health Report Print data/Health Report Print data/Health Report
Key Programming/Bi-directional Test Key programming Key Programming/Bi-directional Test
cost 112.99 135 236 456 805

LAUNCH 2021 Ver OBD2 Scanner CRP129E Eng/ABS/SRS/TCM Code Reader

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Pants Expandable panel Screen-printed First and 2-Piece Baby of EVER" a Eng elastic LAUNCH 100% Reader Set 2-piece Scanner 1ST with CHRISTMAS shoulders for front closure Machine slogan reindeer fit Machine 20円 Cotton Imported Snap set "MY waistband description Extra snaps Long embroidered Wash 2-piece ABS Christmas SRS Washable Product316 Stainless Steel Shoulder Screw, Plain Finish, Socket Head Caof heart healthy button entire Style you SRS in 2.0 - level Lift Reader backup. NUMBER OBD2 button. raise perfect bar quickly hugger own W76"xL80" airways 1" Set sleeker Visco-Elastic This Gravity Zero Bed Eng providing head 25 Base Separately 850-lb. system Medium Safety need Feels Made Product Custom ADDRESS AirFlow anti-snore Our day lifts like freight delivery event Ergo CoolBreeze massage Wave. 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